CIR #001 : "Noise vs. Subversive Computing"

[Update 05.06.2016: Project Content is now available for free. Physical USB keys are still available to order for those who would like to support the project.]

This is the “Noise vs. Subversive Computing” Project: A collaborative release split between Noise Artists and Computer Hackers. Ten representatives from each camp were asked to contribute a piece of work without any limitation, as long as the result can be represented in binary. The Noise artists had “Subversive Computing” as their central theme, and the hackers worked with “Noise”.

This is the outcome:


0. BBBlood (UK) - Bicep Venoms Gut Virus [AUDIO]
1. Config.sys (DE) - Bit Bucket [AUDIO]
2. Family Battle Snake (DE) – Black Hat [AUDIO]
3. Francisco Lopez (ES) – Untitled 223 [AUDIO]
4. GEN 26 (SI) - Untitled [AUDIO]
5. Hellboy106 (GR) - stgzknmhtrka [IMAGE+AUDIO]
6. ILIOS (GR) - 4000 ĉevaloj kriegas Mi ami Vi [AUDIO]
7. KOMMPOUND (GR) - Softmod Exploit [AUDIO+WORDS]
8. La Jacquerie (IT) – Re: If you're angry don’t [AUDIO]
9. Sarah's Charity (DK) - Colour of Clarity [AUDIO]


0. Ach3n0r (GR) - Noise Steganography [SOFTWARE]
1. Ashrae |tosh & KaOS| (BE/DK) - Netglitch [AUDIO+WORDS]
2. E (US) - Sifting through the Noise [WORDS]
3. EK (UK) - Rainbow [AUDIO]
4. G0rg0g0l (GR) - Gorgogoogle: Web, Search, Noise [SOFTWARE]
5. Gorrrrgar (RO) - My kind of Shithole [PHOTOGRAPHY MATRIX+WORDS]
6. Jazra Khaleed (GR) - Noise [POEM]
7. Pascal Cretain (DK) - Information Pollution [VIDEO]
8. Rodrigo Marcos (UK) - MySQL Sounds [VIDEO+SOFTWARE]
9. Stelios Douskos (US) - LawyerFish [SOFTWARE]

The merger is fascinating. The radical thinkers at work in here have the momentum, the mindset and the technical skills to crash Adaptive Firewalls, defy traditional definitions of music, “hack” live performance semantics and bypass Intrusion Detection Systems.

Only this is not Cyberspace. We are subtly injecting polymorphic shellcode into your reality, brainwashing you with white noise and reverse engineering your obsolete modus operandi.

Alas; you can’t pull the plug.

USB Drive

“Noise vs. Subversive Computing” out now.
Limited release of 256 Copies in 1GB USB Stick format.

Drop me an email to place an order.
Trades are welcome. Bitcoin/Ethereum are welcome. Conventional currencies are welcome.
Alternatively, you can check with our distributors listed below.

Athens [GR] : Blastbeat Mailmurder
Milan [IT]: SoundOhm [via Petrella 9, 20124]
Tochigi [JP]: Art Into Life [322 Yoriimati, 328-0005]

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(IN)SECURE Magazine Issue 23 - Q&A with Pascal Cretain
Vital Weekly & Addendum
And the third Angel farted (Στα Ελληνικά)

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